What are you going to do 2…

I relate to this post in so many ways! People asking what are you going to do? After more than 4 months since graduation. Oh well…. 

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Interview yourself
On the 14th of June, I encountered my first interview. I was more excited than nervous. As I entered the yard, my first thought was the atmosphere of an lovely home. I had first pictured a building with cubicles and offices but to my surprise it was a “home-office” environment. What a great way to feel comfortable and homeliness while at work.


funny job

A warm welcoming as I had a short chat with one of the colleagues about myself and what I’m currently doing. I got to meet the boss, Robert Ridout, with just an introduction as he was pretty busy.

In less than 15minutes I was set to go, I left feeling hopeful and proud. All is left is to wait for that one phone call or email.

Things to prepare before the interview that has helped me:
*Make sure you have the correct address
*Dress appropriately
*Rather be early than late,  it leaves a good impression. Unless its is strictly said to arrive at that required time (I arrived 30mins before time)
* Always, always ask questions
*Assist wherever you can
*Be ready for tasks/challenges
*Lastly leave with a smile

For more tips: https://www.livecareer.com/quintessential/job-interview-tips

funny interview