This song came to my mind when i thought of our youth, we are young 🙂 (this a remix).

The voices of South Africa’s youth were finally heard by the latest trend of #FeesMustFall in 2015. The youth deserve recognition for standing up for themselves and standing up for themselves and fighting for what they believe in. although, there has been the struggle of apartheid and the youth protests in June 1976, there has not been challenged issues especially in a democratic country where citizens still chose to stand their ground collectively. Even though, currently the protests still carry on, no one is certain how long this will go on

Look at what these girls had to say about #FeesMustFall….


The youth and older generations need to be aware of their rights. Freedom of speech enables an individual to address whatever concerns and comments he or she may have. The Bill of Rights for a ‘New South Africa’ states in Article 4(3) “All men and women shall be entitled to all the information necessary to enable them to make effective use of their rights as citizens, workers or consumers.”

Previously, along the years of democracy, when the Marikana mine workres protested for higher wages, it resulted in risking lives (violent protests, workers killed, loss of jobs) and families were left devastated.  Instead of resolving issues, more problems are created and freedom of speech id questioned. Since the Marikana protesting, mine workers have lost jobs, which has let their families with no food to put on the table. In this case high unemployment rate rises, poverty increases and the economy stagnates, as well as high inflation rate. This brings about the country being in a ‘stagflation’ state.

Freedom of speech may be practiced but one needs to act accordingly. The students and mine workers took it into their own hands to protest and carry it out continuously until something was done. However, freedom of speech does play a role in overcoming obstacles and individuals are heard.


ANC. (1993). A Bill of Rights for a New South Africa. Available:



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