Have you ever thought about what kids are watching today? Could they be watching similar tv programmes than the older generation? The truth is they are watching twice as much violence than before.

What is media?

A means of mass communication through print, radio and television as well as social media (facebook, twitter, blogs).

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According to Joe Goebel in his research, media plays a role in the development of culture, views and beliefs.

Violence is any behavior that involves physical force, harm or hurt towards someone or something.

Violence is a common theme in movies and television programmes. Also included in children shows (cartoons) which may have an effect on their behaviour ( become aggressive).

An example of a t.v. series called Dexter:


Dexter is a t.v. series that contains suspense, violence and disturbing images of bloody scenes. Dexter the character is the actual hero or ‘good’ guy in the story.

Toys of ‘Dexter’

Toys of Dexter have been targeted for kids, however, the series is targeted for ages 16-34 or older. It would be inappropriate to send kids the message that it is normal to cut open human beings.


For children violence has become such a norm that it surrounds them everywhere. For example, two kids may get involved in a fight at school and instead of being frighten or call for help, they would rather take pictures or record a video. Because violence is in almost every medium we can think of. Television holds the most powerful tool as it is visual. Society is able to visualise violence and remember more accurately on what they see.


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