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The Homecoming Africa event was a once in a lifetime experience. I was never a fan of these events because I never knew much about them or I could not afford them. But since I went by all means to get the tickets (no I did not do anything mischievous, I simply asked my amazing brother), especially with the theme AFRICA I could not miss this.

Besides the energy from the crowd and artists delivering a great performance, I must say I had a good time from beginning to end.


My highlight of the night was meeting Hezron Louw, one of the contestants of TopChefSA. Since I’m such a food person and watch the show almost every week, I recognized him in a split second, walking past me minding his own business and I thought to myself I’ve got to say hi. I approached him and asked for a picture, and to my surprise he offered me a free dish of a chicken coujon (I think that’s what it called). I was not so thrilled by the meal so he suggested that I come by again and get served by him. Such a thoughtful and bubbly person.

You can checkout his great work in the kitchen here: SUMTING fresh and on twitter: @sumtingfresh




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