Home in Mahikeng. Photos taken by Joy Bakunzi

As I am enjoying my little break at home, I think about all the wonderful reasons to be home. Endless food, laughter and love. However, not forgetting the dreading chores (rolling eyes).

I’m grateful for the smiles and great energy  that I come across the streets of my neighborhood; they make the day worthwhile. I was going through my old journals that were written 5 years ago when I was in high school and reflected back to one of my poems.

Beware: this is not an academic masterpiece poem, as I said it was written long ago. I was just an confused teenager.

Why are you here?
Are you here to make me happy and change the world?
Are you here to answer all my questions?
Because the answers don’t seem to be found anywhere

Why has the world become so evil and betrayal, that I as an individual wants to run away?
Why do you do the wrong and forget the right?
Is it because you are trying to impress me or depress me?

Oh! Why must a child, mother, teenager, or adult feel so lonely and empty that they end up on a suicidal path?

Why must the world live in fear?
When there is so much ahead of them

Are you still listening?
Can you answer my confused mind?
Are you just like me?
So many questions but no answers to be found
Why is that?  Why?

*Date: 17th March 2009


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