I decided to do a little window shopping at the mall and to my surprise I witnessed a couple yelling and cursing , while their toddler in between them (probably 2/3 years old). The little boy looked sad and confused but he did not cry. Observing this whole ordeal, I noticed the boy paying attention to them and listening to what they were saying.

The couple may not realise this, but children see and hear everything. Children are mistaken for being called “children” and they do not understand adult conversation. Only to find that children may not understand at that moment but will understand and pick up the pieces as they grow up. In the long run, they are affected and even without realising it.

Walking slowing closer before entering a store, after a couple of minutes, the little boy tugged at his mother and said, “Mama, let’s go home”.



  1. The older I get, the more I realise I become more and more like my mother – especially in the way she argues. Much to my own disgust, I want to be better than that.
    You’re absolutely right. Children are little sponges, absorbing the behaviours of others, especially parents. These behaviours become embedded, they become a standard mode of operating. They become normal.
    Sometimes it’s not a case of not realising – sometimes it’s a case of forgetting – to be mindful of our behaviour in ever situation, even when we’re overwhelmed is a challenging aspect of life, to over come our natural (programmed) responses to situations.

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