Black Panther – Captain America: Civil War


Finally Africa has a superhero, Black panther! I was in awe as I watched this movie at the cinema (3D of course). I left the room not disappointed nor satisfied but fascinated. I wanted to watch it several times over and over again. T’challa, the African King who is later known as the Black Panther makes his debut in an amazing black costume that was designed with added visual effects including vibranium mesh weave that is quite similar to chainmail. He portrays agility and strength as he moves and attacks just like a panther would, with the use and display of his sharp claws, his fast pace and flexible movement. The prowess of a panther is what he embodies. T’challa has a sensitive nature to his character, that comes with being an emotional personality but should not be mistaken for his steady and cautious abilities.


Chadwick Boseman, the ultimate character of the Black Panther known as T’Challa describes the process of his role,  “It wasn’t really an audition process. It was more of a discussion about what they wanted to do and how I saw it and what I wanted to do. It was more of a feeling out process”. T’Challa is a character of mystery and hidden intentions. He is torn between his culture and traditions, acknowledgement from his father (T’Chaka by John Kani), and carrying on the legacy of Wakanda’s nation. Boseman taught himself the Wakandan accent which is based on one of the South African languages, Xhosa. John Kani taught him and helped assist him with the brief words of his lines as he speaks the language.

The very first release of Captain America sequels was the Captain America :First Avenger that was released in 2011 and was then followed by the second film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier that was released in 2014. And is now followed by the most recent and third film, Captain America: Civil War. This extraordinary trilogy collection has mostly received high praises whenever each of them were released. It is more likely that there may be added sequels, with the amazing responses from audiences and several Marvel fans. The Black Panther movie will uprise solo and is to be released by 2018.


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