Did you say VEGAN??

Take a look at these pictures…..Quite appetizing right? I always wondered what vegan people eat as i believed that any means of meat or chicken (or any other animal) was more of a daily food intake and something that had to be in your meal everyday. However, I was wrong and  I am more interested in trying out these foods than before, I might just turn into a vegan 🙂

Vegan Banana & Raspberry Bread
Banana Strawberry Pancakes with Peanutbutter chocolate sauce


Pumpkin, Spinach & Walnut Spaghetti
Soyrizo Scramble

In the last two pictures I thought there was chicken or meat in these meals but to my surprise, it is the substitute or rather a replacement of them. Beans, lentils, potatoes, spinach, pumpkin, avocados and the list goes on.

I salute my vegan friends for the the idea and compassion of saving animals. In most cases like myself, we do not think of what we are eating as it has become our survival and way of living. People have different preferences and cannot be told what to eat and not to eat. Since in 21st century there is more access to information and varieties of foods, one can choose to be a vegetarian (does not eat meat/chicken) or vegan (does not eat any kind of animal). It is a matter of choice.

Here is Lisa Lorles showing us what she eats in a day of a vegan lover! ENJOY..











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