Children and teenagers are committing crimes every day, these criminals are  known to be juveniles. In today’s society (21st century) these children are being tried in juvenile courts, they are receiving shortened sentences and are being released. The law believes that children deserve second chances but what will prevent them from committing additional crimes.

Some say “..stop trying kids as adults” while others say “..try kids as adults when they commit adult crimes”. Adult crimes are usually murders, rapists, burglars and defamatory cases. It is often questioned how can one crime be different from another, at the end of the day punishment should be served. Teens should be held responsible for their actions; they should learn the difference between right and wrong. Jessica Wilde says, “Morals are inherent from birth”.  In most juveniles’ cases, they are surrounded by abuse of alcohol or drugs and are bound to fall into crime activities. This makes it a higher chance of negative outcomes affecting their future.

There is a constant debate on putting teens in adult prison. It is a belief that teens should receive easier sentences as they are capable of learning from their mistakes. Such debates as: how does one go about to make easier trials for a minor, a 10-year old boy, who murdered his own parents. While in other debates: Hendricks, in his article, “Stop trying 13-year-olds in Court as Adults”, he says “They’re ambushed and come out more dangerous and damaged then when they went in”. However, why should juveniles be treated any different when these crimes are as brutal as adult crimes? The age of the child may have to come to consideration such as 8-year-olds killing a human being. No, children and teenagers should not be tried like adults but whatever the age is no one should turn a blind eye towards the act of crime.








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