Photo: Joy Bakunzi

The thought of a new born baby into this world is exciting. An excitement of how the baby will reflect her parents’ good looks and what the little one will accomplish in future. The theme of Mickey Mouse with colours of pink and white,  the baby shower was beautiful and unforgettable. I must say the cupcakes were sweet addictions and I couldn’t help myself but to have more, I’m sure little Mickey Mouse agrees with me.

To the Mother of the baby who had no idea this was all planned, she was speechless and overwhelmed by such great love and support from people who care about her the most.

The highlights of this baby shower were definitely the games. She had to guess who brought her the gifts and what was in each gift, with a little help from the Father of the baby. Unfortunately they got more wrongs than rights, they were showered with baby powder and had to dance (hilarious). Once the gifts were done, they were both blind folded and had to figure out the object put into their hands. And guess what it was? A “balloon”… But not just any balloon, a condom blown out with a watch inside. Since Mother got it right, she was gifted with a watch from her sisters. Now she can always be on time no excuses.

The atmosphere was filled with joyful cheers and heady moments of the day. I remembered a quote, “Mothers who have lost children and children who have lost mothers.. A mother’s love always remains” – Anonymous. That rang an idea in my mind that new moms-to-be just like my friend here is about to experience one of the valuable aspects of life. To love, give and share wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

Just to add on to my favourite part of the baby shower, the games. There are some really funny ideas and games for baby showers. Enjoy..

Ready to Pop stickers are the finishing touch on baby shower favors, treat bags, invitation envelope… –


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