Emma Watson’s Speech to the UN and Women’s Rights

The power of women!

Politics and States

I must say that I am moved by Emma Watson’s dedication and passion for the progression of the rights of women; the young Harry Potter actress has grown up to become quite the orator.

However, what I really would like to address is her conviction that men and women should be equal and the same; normally people think that the connotation “women’s rights” refers to women being elevated to the status of men, but Emma Watson believes that men are affected by that connotation and fall down a few rungs of the social ladder because of it. There is no doubt that there is truth in what she says.

Some Background Information on Women’s Rights

The struggle for women’s rights has, nominally, been only a recent movement. Up until about 1400 CE, women were generally seen as property that could bear children, cement political and social alliances, and the subject…

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