A Blogger’s World

The Voice

Bloggers are the new trend of finding voices to work with and offer a deal or contract to benefit both the company and the blogger; “They write we sell.”

Companies are in search for any new talent or young entertaining voices that could improve their company’s name, those that can increase the market sales without having to necessary employ more staff. An easy trick into a successful business.

While with those that work well together and come to an understanding of what needs to be done then good results are accomplished. (Jarvis, 2006).


Monetisation has ways of how to make money successfully. Blogging has welcomed a new form of employment. It is not always an easy step but worth the try. While there are a number of ways to make money with your own blog, it also needs planning and work to be done.

The majority of bloggers do not succeed because of the lack of knowledge and information on what a good monetise blog requires.

Monetisation strategy

Some of the easiest ways that bloggers use to monetise is to use the ad space which they can advertise a company’s product. This could either result in high traffic or drive visitors away (from your blog because of repeatedly adverts). Usually high traffic opens way for more advertisers to be willing to pay for your ad space. Highly trafficked blogs are monetised by ad sales.

Instead of having advertisers and companies work with you to sell their product, you can begin with your own sale. Sell your products as well; in this case you are independently on your own and in full control, your own boss. Bloggers that receive marketers to promote their own product results in a successful income. It may take time for a blogger to get into the process of selling products as an ongoing business which leaves a blogger with consistent income. The most important sector is your audience/readers. Find as much information on what your audience wants. In all of this a blogger becomes independent in their own work and also an expert along the journey.

In the tough road, selling your own product requires a lot of work. There is no guarantee of sales or profit, just like an entrepreneur that takes a risk of starting a business. One needs to know how much is he/she willing to charge and is the price valid. Lastly, the challenges of competition can keep a blogger on their feet.

When making a decision on a monetisation strategy for your blog, you need to consider commitment. Is it only a short term goal of making quick money or is it an ongoing business. A question such as how much is the blogger going to invest and do the efforts pay off. Dedication to your time is required and it is more likely to become your everyday job. Like any other job description of your main salary. An active blogger online and easy access to your products leads to a successful blogger. (Marc, 2014).


The approach that bloggers use is also important. How bloggers interact with their viewers/readers is very crucial and could either benefit them or not. The battles of a successful blog are mainly how to start and get it up and running; and if bloggers understand how it actually works or if they have a sense of excitement, zeal or passion for what they do: blogging.

There is always room for improvement; it is never too late to learn new ways of improving or upgrading your blog. It is not just about having massive traffic or writing non-stop but knowing how to identify your mistakes and working on fixing the wrongs.

A blogger that creates his own blog to sell his product is in more control to begin and stop his business. Even if your product is being sponsored, you still have the power to stop the sponsors because it is your say whether to continue or not. (Bamidele, 2010).




Bloggers tend to wait for their traffic to increase which may result in the possibility of losing money. You may have to do more writing and spend more energy on creating your product or blog. If one only has money in mind then it may cause pressure and lead them astray. This tends to give out a desperate and/or loose blog. It also might neglect the content and the quality of a blog. Lastly which is very common, a blogger will get discouraged to carry on writing or posting on his blog when they do not get traffic. (Jain, n. a. ).


The truth is once your work is being put into public then someone is bound to use it as their own. “Bloggers Terms and Conditions” need to be taken seriously. External organisations such as advertisers and PR’s are taking advantage of bloggers’ posts.

They may contribute to the success of your brand as a blogger but cause conflict between what the blogger wants and what they want. They tend to take over a blogger’s brand or blog. At the end of the day they ruin the goals and objectives of the blogger. The blogger’s artwork is taken over and could be transformed into something else. And in most cases the PR benefits more or earns more than what the blogger earns. They have a way of manipulating bloggers to making them think they will make them rich but only to find a voice was stolen.

 A good relationship with marketers and PRs can be started by knowing the kind of language they interpret in order to understand their business (how they work, what is expressed.) As for the PR side they should simply tell the truth. For e.g. If the deal will only benefit bloggers 10% or 5% then the bloggers should know, instead of giving bloggers false hope and high expectations. (Jarvis, 2014).

How does a blogger clarify that their blog has been taken advantage of? As soon as blog posts are put into publication without their say then it is simply violating their work. When crossing the line of making changes without their permission, it causes conflict and chaos between the blogger and the marketer or PR. On both sides of the blogger and the company, they hope for a successful blog as ways of making money and both succeeding.



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